Coronavirus: A Link Between the Death of Hank Aaron, Baseball Legend, and the Vaccine Against Covid-19?

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Hank Aaron was vaccinated Jan. 5 in Atlanta

VACCINE: The former baseball club of Hank Aaron indicated that the legendary player died “peacefully in his sleep”

  • Hank Aaron, a baseball legend in the United States, died Friday at the age of 86. He had received the first injection of the Moderna vaccine on January 5, like about 20 other people.
  • Robert Kennedy Jr, known for his opposition to vaccines, called the player’s death “suspect”.
  • Atlanta Mayor Keisha Bottoms and the university where Hank Aaron was vaccinated have ruled out any connection between the two events.

“He died in his sleep, just like my father left thirty years ago. Atlanta Democratic mayor Keisha Bottoms on Sunday denied rumours about the death of baseball legend Hank Aaronwho died at the age of 86 on Friday.

Henry Louis Aaron, nicknamed “Hank”, had received the first dose of Moderna’s vaccine against Covid-19 on January 5th. The former player of the Atlanta Braves, vaccinated with about twenty Americans – including his wife and the mother of the mayor of Atlanta -, then declared himself “proud” to have received the injection and had encouraged his compatriots to follow his example.

The announcement of his death, ten days after the injection, created suspicion among several Internet users. “You still don’t like your elders?” Get them vaccinated, ” quips a Facebook post relayed more than 2,000 times. In the United States, Robert Kennedy Jr, known for his opposition to vaccines, called the player’s death “suspect”.

True or false

The mayor of Atlanta  has ruled out any link between the vaccine and the death of Hank Aaron. “I am sharing [this information] because the vaccine will not prevent all deaths, but it will have a very significant impact in preventing deaths from the coronavirus , which disproportionately affects minority communities,” said Keisha Bottoms.

The player’s former club explained that Hank Aaron died “peacefully in his sleep”. The information was also relayed by the American baseball league.

Morehouse College, an Atlanta University with Hank Aaron was a donor, also pointed to the local press that the former player had had no “side effects” after vaccination. He had been vaccinated on the premises of their medical school.

Data from clinical trials of the vaccine ”  did not support a role of the vaccine in mortality,” told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution Walter Orenstein, physician and former director of the United States immunization program.

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