Coronavirus: Jean Castex Announces the Generalisation of the Curfew at 6 pm

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Prime Minister Jean Castex on December 9, 2020 in Essonne.

HEALTH: The government unveiled new restrictions on Thursday, with a National curfew at 6pm to limit the circulation of the coronavirus

The rumour, which has swelled since Wednesday, has finally been confirmed. Prime Minister Jean Castex announced this Thursday during a press conference organised with six members of his government, the generalization of the curfew from this Saturday evening at 6 pm throughout the metropolitan territory, beyond the 25 departments already concerned, to try to curb the coronavirus epidemic.

Concretely, the exemptions to pick up your children from school or come home from work will still be valid, but it will no longer be possible to travel for personal reasons after 6 pm.  Moreover, “except for the exceptions related to public service missions, all places, shops or services open to the public will be closed at 6 pm”, specified the head of government.

“This measure has health efficiency”

The government’s aim is to “do everything” to prevent the British variant of the coronavirus “from progressing rapidly and eventually becoming the main strain”. “It appears from the data available to date that this measure has health efficiency: in the 15 departments where the measure has been applied since January 2nd, the increase is two to three times lower than in other metropolitan departments”, a explained the Prime Minister.

The executive had been preparing the spirits for several days for this new turn of the screw. “It’s a social virus. The interest is to  counter the aperitif effect, if I may say so, ”Stanislas Guerini, the boss of LREM, had argued on Wednesday on BFMTV.

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