Coronavirus in Haute-Garonne: Shops May Open Every Sunday in January

Local News
Shops in Toulouse and Haute-Garonne are authorized to open every Sunday in January.

RETAIL: A  prefectural decree allows businesses in Haute-Garonne to open on Sundays in January if their employees are volunteers

According to the prefect Etienne Guyot, it is a question of “better regulating the flows” and of “supporting the local economic life”, in a very precarious health contextThe shops of Haute-Garonne will be able to open every Sunday in January, “insofar as they employ voluntary employees at Sunday work “, specifies the official press release.

This prefectural decree authorizes the opening on January 10th, 17th and 31st. But the shops will also be able to welcome customers on the 24th, “the first Sunday following the start of sales, according to the agreement of the 29th July 2020 on the limitation of the opening of shops in Haute-Garonne on Sundays and public holidays for 2021”.

With this decision, the authorities want to offer a breath of fresh air to the famous “non-essential” professionals, who had to lower the curtain during the second confinement, from October 30 to November 28.

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