Coronavirus in France: 21,271 New Contaminations in the last 24 Hours

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21,271 new coronavirus contaminations in the last 24 hours

EPIDEMIC: Laboratories recorded 21,217 confirmed cases of coronavirus in 24 hours, compared to 21,228 the day before

Hospital pressure is not weakening. More than 21,000 new cases of additional coronavirus Covid-19 contamination have been recorded in the past 24 hours, according to data from Public Health France published this Friday evening.

Laboratories recorded 21,217 confirmed cases in 24 hours, against 21,228 the day before. About 20,000 new cases have been recorded every day since the beginning of the year, far from the 5,000 expected in mid-December by the government.

The stable positivity rate

The number of Covid-19 patients hospitalised across the country stands at 25,009 (compared to 24,983 Thursday, 24,735 Wednesday, 24,703 Tuesday, 24,812 Monday), of which 1,634 arrived in 24 hours. The intensive care units, which welcome seriously ill patients, are always full, with 249 admissions over a day, and a total of 2,730 patients occupying the beds. (2,716 sick Thursday)

In 24 hours, the disease killed 288 people (up from 283 the day before), bringing the total death toll to 69,601 since the start of the epidemic. The positivity rate, which measures the percentage of people positive for the new coronavirus among those tested, remains stable at 6.5%.

New contagious strains

The Prime Minister estimated Thursday that the epidemic situation was “under control” but “fragile” in France, worrying about “the emergence of new more contagious strains” of the coronavirus. A curfew at 6 pm will be put in place from Saturday “for at least 15 days” throughout the French metropolitan territory.

On the vaccination side, and after a sluggish and criticized start, more than 318,000 people had received the first injection as of Friday, while France had 1.5 million doses this week.

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