Coronavirus: First Death from Covid-19 in China for Eight Months

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First death from Covid-19 in China for eight months

RESURGENCE: According to the official report, 4,635 people have succumbed to Covid-19 in China

This is news that falls just as a team from the World Health Organization begins its investigation in Wuhan into the origin of the coronavirus pandemicChina recorded the first death from Covid-19 in its territory in eight months, health authorities announced Thursday.

Several cities subject to confinement

The death occurred in Hebei province, the National Health Commission said, without giving further information. It is in this province that several cities were recently subjected to confinement after the appearance of contaminations.

The last death linked to the pandemic in mainland China was in May 2020. According to the official report, now 4,635 people in the country have succumbed to Covid-19.

On Thursday, the Chinese health authorities also reported 138 new contaminations. This is the highest daily toll since last March.

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