Coronavirus: The Curfew Introduced at 6 pm “Has Relative Effectiveness”, “Very Tight Confinement” is One of the Scenarios Considered

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The curfew introduced at 6 p.m. "has relative effectiveness", "very tight confinement" is one of the scenarios considered

EPIDEMIC: Gabriel Attal was speaking about the curfew and confinement following the Council of Ministers and the Health Defence Council

The curfew introduced at 6 pm “has relative effectiveness” and “does not sufficiently slow down” the spread of the coronavirus Covid-19 virus to be “fully effective”, government spokesman Gabriel Attal said on Wednesday.

“Different scenarios” are being studied to deal with the health situation, and will be the subject of consultation with Parliament and the unions, he added at the end of the Council of Ministers having followed a health defence council at the Elysee, in particular, a ”  very tight confinement “, arguing that “variants are developing at a significant rate”.

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