Coronavirus in Aisne: The English Mutation Suspected after the Appearance of More than 100 Positive Cases in an Nursing Home

Local News
One hundred and nineteen people have tested positive since January 6 in a nursing home in Chauny (Aisne)

EPIDEMIC: One hundred and nineteen people have tested positive for coronavirus since January 6th in a nursing home in Chauny (Aisne)

The contagion was very rapid. As revealed by L’Aisne Nouvelle, the English mutation is suspected of being the source of a source of contamination in the Fontenelle nursing home in Chauny ( Aisne ). Since January 6th, 119 people have tested positive for coronavirus Covid 19. “We had no cases until then. But last Wednesday, three residents tested positive, ”explains Laurent Schott, the director of the hospital centre interviewed by the local daily.

In the process, tests are carried out on residents and staff. And the record is impressive with 88 residents out of 110 positive and 31 staff members out of 70. Since then, residents have been banned from leaving their rooms and employees who test positive have been in isolation at home. To find out if the British mutation is indeed at the origin of this lightning contagion, sequencing of the virus should be done quickly by the laboratory of the University Hospital of Amiens.

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