Boris Johnson, First EU Head of Government to Receive a Call from Joe Biden

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Boris Johnson has received a call from Joe Biden

PHONE CALL: New US President Joe Biden has sharply criticised British Prime Minister Boris Johnson in the past

Boris Johnson and Joe Biden agreed on Saturday to deepen ties between the two countries, in their first telephone interview since the second’s inauguration as President of the United StatesThe British Prime Minister also congratulated Joe Biden on his inauguration. According to the British press, Boris Johnson is the first European leader to have the honour of a call from the new tenant of the White House.

Joe Biden “expressed his intention to strengthen the special relationship between our two countries” and the two leaders “discussed the need for coordination on their common foreign policy priorities, including China, Iran and Russia The White House said in an account of the phone conversation.

Joe Biden not very pro-Brexit

“Fighting climate change, curbing the Covid-19 and ensuring the health security of the world” are among the challenges to be met, estimated the White House, and Joe Biden intends to “revive transatlantic ties, stressing the essential role of NATO for our collective defense and the values ​​we share ”. Boris Johnson posted a photo on Twitter showing him in shirt sleeves and laughing as he spoke on the phone, with the comment that he had been “great to speak with President Joe Biden tonight”.

The two appear to have been keen to improve their relationship after Joe Biden described Boris Johnson in December as a “physical and emotional clone” of Donald Trump, the outgoing President of the United States. Joe Biden was also critical of Boris Johnson’s Brexit policy, but the two leaders “discussed the benefits of a possible free trade agreement between the two countries,” the Downing Street statement said. . The British Prime Minister hailed Joe Biden’s decision to quickly reverse political decisions made by his predecessor.

He thus “welcomed” the return of the United States to the Paris climate agreement and to the World Health Organization (WHO). The two leaders expressed the wish to meet in the near future and to work together in the preparation of the United Nations climate summit to be held in Scotland in November. They reaffirmed their commitment to NATO and “common values ​​in the defense of human rights and democracy”, according to the press release. They felt that the Covid-19 pandemic offered “an unparalleled opportunity to rebuild better and greener, together”.

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