Biden Allows Transgender Athletes Born as Men to Compete in Women Sports

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Biden allows transgender athletes born as men to compete in women sports

On the day he took office, the US president signed an executive order allowing biologically male transgender athletes to compete in women’s sports. A decision that makes the Republican camp react.

The Presidential Order (Executive Order) signed by Joe Biden titled “Preventing and Combating Discrimination on the Basis of Gender Identity or Sexual Orientation” re-establishes legislation of the Obama era – which Donald Trump had abolished – which already gave these athletes this possibility.

In March 2020, Idaho had become the first state in the country to ban transgender women (born men) from participating in women’s competitions, after its Republican Governor Brad Little signed the Equity in Women’s Sport Act. (Fairness in Women’s Sports act).

In mid-January 2021, a complaint was filed against the American Athletic Power Federation by a transgender practitioner who accuses her of discrimination. The sportswoman, born a man but claiming to be a woman, wanted to participate in women’s athletic strength competitions, which was refused.

“The American federation, quoted by NBC News, explains that “men naturally have a larger bone structure, higher bone density, stronger connective tissue and higher muscle density than women […] These traits, even with reduced levels of testosterone, do not go away. While trans people transitioning from male to female may be weaker and less muscular than in the past, the biological benefits to them at birth remain greater than those of a woman.”

According to a recent study from the  British Journal of Sports Medicine, cited by NBC, trans athletes retain an athletic advantage over women after one year of hormone therapy, but this difference tends to fade after two years.

“We are taking away opportunities for women”

Republican elected official in the United States House of Representatives Greg Steube reacted on Twitter to Joe Biden’s decision by saying that by ”  forcing organic female athletes to compete against organic male athletes in athletic competition, we let’s take away opportunities for women on and off the field  ”.

He, therefore, tabled a bill going against him entitled “Protection of Women and Girls in Sports” (Protection of Women and Girls in Sports Act) which he said will ”  equalize the opportunities  .”

Her colleague Marjorie Taylor Greene co-signed the bill, stating “No biological men in women’s sport!”

Political analyst Erielle Davidson, for her part, considered it a ”  sad day for women’s sport  “.

“Women will have to compete against biological men at the risk of getting hurt and losing their title. Never tell me it’s “pro-woman”. This is not the case. It’s destructive and malicious, ”she continued.

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