Alrendo TS Bravo: The Low-Cost Electric Motorcycle Ready to Conquer Europe

Alrendo TS Bravo: the low-cost electric motorcycle ready to conquer Europe

New to the electric motorcycle segment, Alrendo has just unveiled the TS Bravo. A model that he advertises for less than 10,000 euros.

A young manufacturer of electric motorcycles of Chinese origin, Alrendo made his debut on the European market where he launched his very first model: the TS Bravo. Without seeking ultra-performance, the Alrendo TS Bravo is aimed above all at commuters who want to find an alternative to the private car or the classic thermal motorcycle for everyday journeys.

Powered by an 11 kW electric motor capable of developing up to 58 kW and 118 Nm peak, the Alrendo TS Bravo promises up to 135 km / h of maximum speed. That’s half the price of Energica electric motorcycles but more than enough to cover everyday needs.

The Alrendo ts Bravo Electric Motorcycle
The Alrendo TS Bravo Electric Motorcycle

An electric motorcycle exceeding 400 km of autonomy

Accumulating 16.6 kWh, the large battery that powers the TS Bravo displays a capacity slightly greater than that offered on electric motorcycles from Zero Motorcycles or the LiveWire from Harley-Davidson.

As with most electric motorcycles, the range remains very variable depending on the type of route taken. In purely urban use, with an average of 50 km/h, the manufacturer announces a range of up to 419 km. On the motorway, this is limited to 150 kilometres at 120 km/h. This is still correct for an electric motorcycle which is not really designed for long journeys.

Tolerating up to 3.8 kW of power, the charger is on-board. Subject to having a suitable wallbox, it allows a complete recharge in about four hours

Less than 10,000 euros excluding bonus

Vogue Blue, Shadow Gray or Liquorice Black. Alrendo’s electric motorcycle is available in three colours. All are displayed at the same price: € 9,995 excluding ecological bonus.

It can be pre-ordered in certain European countries, including France, for the first payment of 300 euros. The first deliveries should take place in May.

On its website , the manufacturer also announces the upcoming arrival of a second model. Called TS Brava, it could be positioned in a more sporty segment.

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