Weather in Rennes: The Weather Should Improve During the Day

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The weather in Rennes on Monday 28th December

WEATHER FORECAST: The weather in Rennes should improve during the day. Temperatures will be 5 ° C in the morning and 7 ° C in the afternoon …

An improvement is expected during the day in Rennes, where the clouds will disperse. In the morning, the city will be affected by a southwesterly wind of 24 km/h. In the evening, the wind will gradually drive away the greyness. We will go from Monday to Tuesday on a clear night.

Rennes, where small clouds will remain tomorrow, will continue to wait for the sun. A drop in mercury, in accordance with the winter period, is to be feared. A little westerly wind will be felt by the inhabitants. The sun will struggle to break through among the clouds that will persist in the morning. The weather will be punctuated by scattered rains. Light showers will make the afternoon gloomy. Clouds are announced for this evening.

Mixed weather conditions are expected the following days. Wednesday, the weather will be sunny while deterioration is announced Thursday.

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