Netflix is ​​Testing Audio-Only Playback of its Content

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Netflix is ​​Testing Audio-Only Playback of its Content 1

STREAMING: The streaming platform is currently testing a new broadcasting mode that allows you to disable the display of videos to enjoy only audio

Netflix regularly tests new features within its service. After introducing the ability to lock the screen of your smartphone or tablet and speed up the speed of a series or a movie, Netflix is currently testing a new feature that allows you to enjoy this or that content at home. way to a podcast: only audio scrolls.

Several subscribers of the streaming service have indeed reported the presence of a new button on Netflix’s Android application. This allows them to launch a film or a series without the image being visible. They can indeed decide to deactivate the video to enjoy only the audio part.

What interest?

When this reading mode is activated, the user can lock their smartphone and slip it into their pocket or bag while enjoying the story, just like a podcast. This feature should allow subscribers to save the battery of their smartphone since it will be locked, but also their mobile data. From a practical point of view, this new mode of reading will allow subscribers to enjoy a comedy show or a documentary – types of content that do not always require illustration – while attending to other occupations.

Netflix is ​​testing audio-only playback of its content
Netflix is ​​testing audio-only playback of its content – Geeko
Credit: Android Police

If this novelty is likely to appeal to some multitasking users, some might again criticize Netflix. This new method of reading can indeed be considered as an attack on the original work. The current leader in streaming services had already attracted the wrath of some Internet users when it introduced its reading speed adjustment function.

Finally, despite the potential criticisms, there is a good chance that this new feature will soon be available to all users. All that remains is to wait for Netflix to deploy this novelty.

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