Gwen Stefani and Her Three Sons Struggle with Dyslexia

The singer, Gwen Stefani was diagnosed at the same time as her children

MUSIC: The singer, Gwen Stefani was diagnosed with dyslexia at the same time as her children

It might sound surprising, but Gwen Stefani has lived through most of her life unaware that she has dyslexiaIt was only when her three sons were diagnosed that the No Doubt singer realized that she too had this disability. And even if that did not prevent her from having the brilliant career that we know her, the star now understands better the difficulties she encountered during her schooling.

“I was a nice girl. I wasn’t doing anything wrong. It was just very difficult to function within the school framework that everyone was supposed to adhere to. And my brain didn’t work like that; and it still is. It works in a different way and it’s a gift other people don’t have, ”she told Zane Lowe in her podcast for Apple Music.

The deal has changed

However, the context is very different for Kingston, 14, Zuma , 12, and Apollo, 6, the three sons Gwen Stefani shares with her ex-husband Gavin Rossdale.


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“They have these amazing schools and teachers and they don’t have to be ashamed of themselves for that. They understand that their brains work in a different way. But so do all of our brains, if you know what I mean, ”added Gwen Stefani.

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