Finistère: Oiled Birds Discovered on Beaches

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Oiled birds found on the beaches of Finistère

POLLUTION: We do not yet know the origin of this pollution on the beaches of Finistère

Four dead, two alive. On Friday, several oiled birds were found on the coast of Plougasnou, in northern Finistère. These strandings have been observed regularly since mid-November, specifies the town. Similar strandings had already been observed during the same period last year. The investigations carried out had made it possible to establish that the oil leaks came from the wreck of the Tanio, an oil tanker which had sunk in 1980 off the island of Batz. However, major patching work was carried out in September by the French Navy in an attempt to stop the leaks. Insufficient? We do not yet know where these new releases come from.

On Friday, the two oiled Common Murres were taken to the bird clinic of the LPO of Ile-Grande (Côtes-d’Armor) for treatment. The dead animals were kept for possible analyzes as required by the Vigipol protocol.

While waiting to know the origin of the pollution, the municipality of Plougasnou invites the inhabitants to report any stranding of birds. It is not recommended to touch the birds. The Pleumeur-Bodou Bird Protection League branch can be contacted (02 96 91 91 40) for any injured animal.

Other oiled birds have been discovered in recent days, especially in the communes of Plounéour and Brignogan , a little further to the west.

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