“Creed 3”: Michael B. Jordan Will Direct the Film

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The actor - and future director - Michael B. Jordan

MOVIE: Actress Tessa Thompson broke the news of Michael B. Jordan directing “Creed 3” to MTV

Michael B. Jordan will not only be the star of Creed 3: he will also ensure the realization! It is Tessa Thompson, who shares the poster with him since the first episode of the saga, who broke the news to MTV.

“It’s going to be tough, I think, for me when he talks to me as a director. I’m going to ask him to lower his sexy side, ”she revealed, joking about the status of her colleague, voted the sexiest man in the world by  People, after having dethroned John Legend.

First steps

If Michael B. Jordan is an accomplished actor (and the first to have contractually demanded the inclusiveness of film crews on his projects), this will be his first steps behind the camera. He takes over from Ryan Coogler and Steven Caple Jr. Fortunately, the actor can count on the reassuring presence of Tessa Thompson.

Sylvester Stallone is not said to be reprising his role as Rocky Balboa, however.

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