Coronavirus: The Vaccine Strategy Presented to Parliament on December 16th and 17th

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The government will detail its coronavirus vaccine strategy

VACCINATION: France should start its first vaccination campaigns for coronavirus in January

The government’s vaccine strategy in the face of coronavirus Covid-19 will be presented on December 16th in front of the National Assembly, on December 17th in front of the Senate, instead of a debate on migration policy which is postponed, we learned. Monday from government sources.

Prime Minister Jean Castex pledged last Thursday “that all transparency, all education be made on the decisions that we will take” on the vaccine, via this debate. According to him, “transparency” is an “imperative” in the face of “reluctance, even sometimes the fears expressed”, in view of this vaccine campaign to start in January.

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Emmanuel Macron also assured Friday that the government would say “very clearly what we know and what we do not know” about vaccines. They will be free and not compulsory. The presentation of the strategy will be followed by a debate, in the application of article 50-1 of the Constitution. There should not be a vote by MPs.

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