Coronavirus: Three Cases of Covid-19 in Niort, The Match Against Valenciennes Re-scheduled

The Ligue 2 match between Niort and Valenciennes , scheduled for Tuesday at 8 p.m., has been cancelled

FOOTBALL: At least nine other players as well as three members of the Niort staff show symptoms of coronavirus

The Ligue 2 match between Niort and Valenciennes, scheduled for Tuesday at 8 p.m., has been cancelled after several cases of coronavirus Covid-19 within the Chamois delegation, announced the Professional League and the club. “Three players from the Niort workforce have tested positive for Covid-19, and at least nine other players, as well as three members of the staff, are showing symptoms,” according to a statement from the Chamois.

According to the LFP, Niort was “unable to provide the medical monitoring certificates from his sports delegation for the match in question”. According to the health protocol of the League, clubs must provide before each match a certificate certifying that each member of their delegation selected for the match has tested negative for coronavirus two to three days before the match and does not present symptoms of the disease.

Without this document, the League can decide a postponement of the match or a defeat on the green carpet for the offending club. If a club has fewer than 20 players including a goalkeeper on a list of 30 communicated to the League, the match is postponed according to the same protocol.

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