Coronavirus: Joe Biden Ready to be Vaccinated Publicly

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Joe Biden is ready to be vaccinated with the coronavirus vaccine

VACCINE: President-elect Joe Biden aged 78 is among those at risk of coronavirus and is ready to be vaccinated publicly to set an example

After former US presidents Barack Obama, George W. Bush and Bill Clinton, it is the turn of an elected president to advertise the vaccine against coronavirus Covid-19. Joe Biden said Tuesday he was ready to be vaccinated “in public” as soon as he can, the day after the launch by the United States of a vast national vaccination campaign.

Immunologist Anthony Fauci, a well-respected scientist appointed by Joe Biden as a senior adviser on the fight against the virus, “recommended that I be vaccinated as soon as possible,” the future president told reporters in Delaware. “I want to make sure it is done according to the procedure and when I do, you will be warned and I will do it in public,” said the president-elect, who at 78 is one of those at risk.

Objective: wearing the mask for a hundred days

During the presidential campaign, which took place in the midst of a pandemic, he was largely limited to virtual meetings or to the very limited public, and always scrupulously respected barrier gestures, unlike Donald Trump. He said that once invested as 46th president on January 20th, he would ask Americans to wear a mask for a hundred days in order to curb the pandemic which has killed more than 300,000 people in the United States.

US authorities plan to vaccinate some 20 million people by the end of December, 100 million by the end of March and the entire population in the summer. But part of the population have expressed reluctance to use a completely new vaccine and concern about its side effects.

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