Coronavirus: Brittany is the Region Where the Virus has Circulated the Least

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coronavirus has spread least in Brittany

EPIDEMIC: According to a note from the Pasteur Institute, less than 4% of Bretons have been infected with coronavirus

Faced with the coronavirus pandemic, not all regions are on an equal footing. According to a note from the Pasteur Institute, Brittany is thus the region where the virus has circulated the least since the start of the health crisis.

According to figures from the institute, stopped on November 30, 3.6% of Bretons have been infected with Covid-19, the lowest rate in the country where the average is around 11%. Conversely, other regions have been severely affected by the pandemic such as Ile-de-France which has a contamination rate of 21.3% or Grand-Est (15.2%).

A particularly low incidence rate in Finistère

The latest figures published on Friday by the Regional Health Agency also show that the epidemic continues to decline in the region where the incidence rate stood at 37.5 cases per 100,000 inhabitants on Friday, against 96.3 cases. on a national level.

This is particularly noticeable in Finistère, the French department where the virus circulates the least, which has an incidence rate of “only” 15.7 cases per 100,000 inhabitants. As of Friday, Brittany had recorded 477 additional new positive cases in the past 48 hours and nine additional deaths.

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