Coronavirus: More Than 26,000 New Cases in France in the Last 24 Hours

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More than 26000 coronavirus cases in the last 24 hours in France

EPIDEMIC: This figure for new cases of coronavirus in France “includes the catching up of data from the day before which could not be integrated”

More than 26,000 confirmed cases of coronavirus Covid-19 have been recorded in the last 24 hours in France where the number of hospitalized patients, including in intensive care, has fallen slightly, according to data released Wednesday by Public Health France.

The number of cases recorded was 26,457 against 11,395 the day before, but this figure “includes the catching up of data from the day before which could not be integrated”, underlines SpF. These statistics are, however, a long way from the government’s target of dropping to 5,000. This daily figure has varied enormously since mid-December, fluctuating between some 3,000 and more than 21,000. The positivity rate, which measures the percentage of people positive for Covid-19 out of all those tested, remained unchanged compared to the previous day at 2.9%.

Total deaths in France reach 64,381

“We have been on a plateau for about three weeks, with around 15,000 new contaminations per day recorded in our country (…) We are therefore still too high. It is not increasing, but it remains at a very high level, ”said Minister of Health Olivier Véran on Tuesday evening on the set of France 2.

The health agency also reports 24,560 hospitalizations in progress, or 183 less than the day before. In intensive care, namely the most serious cases, there are 2,652 patients, or 14 less. Public Health France has reported 304 deaths linked to Covid-19, which occurred in hospital in the last 24 hours. Since the start of the epidemic, the total number of deaths in France has reached 64,381, a figure which takes into account data in nursing homes (+581 deaths, according to data published Tuesday).

France began its vaccination campaign on Sunday, with the hope of bringing down the circulation of the virus. This progresses only slowly however, concerning exclusively the residents of a nursing home in this first phase.

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