Brittany: Beaches Closed after the Arrival of the Very Stinging Physalies

Local News
Illustration of a physalia on the Porge beach near Bordeaux in 2011

ALERT: The town of Plougasnou in Finistère in Brittany has closed beaches and banned swimming

Swimming is prohibited and the beaches are closed until further notice in Plougasnou. Well, that shouldn’t offend a lot of people this December. But the municipality of  North Finistère is no joke. Its mayor has just published a decree to prohibit swimming and access to water on all the beaches of the town. The reason?  The massive arrival of physalies on the entire coast of Plougasnou, “in particular on the beach of Guerzit”, specifies the municipality.

This zooplankton organism, cousin of the jellyfish, is very stinging and represents a danger for humans. She normally lives in tropical seas but is sometimes pushed to the Brittany coast by storms. This is not the first time that beaches have been closed due to their presence. It is strongly recommended not to handle themEven when stranded, physalies, which are elegantly nicknamed “sea bladder”, are poisonous.

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