Bitcoin Price Approaches All-Time High of $20,000

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Bitcoin is the most famous of the virtual currencies.

CRYPTOCURRENCY: The previous bitcoin record was reached on the 18th December 2017, at $ 19,511

The price of Bitcoin, the first cryptocurrency decentralized than Monday’s 19.800 dollars for the first time since its inception eleven years ago, boosted by its use more widespread and the appetite of the market risk. At around 3:20 p.m. GMT, the price of bitcoin was climbing 8.2% to $ 19,761, after breaking its previous high moments earlier.

This was reached on December 18th, 2017, at $ 19,511, according to data compiled from several exchange platforms by the Bloomberg agency. Bitcoin is up 175% since the start of the year, with a surge of more than 40% since October 21st, when online payments giant Paypal announced it was launching a buy, sell service. , and payment by cryptocurrency.

“Unknown land” awards

“We are moving into uncharted waters for prices, and this little boost could send the price even higher,” said an analyst at Oanda. Created by anonymous people as a decentralized means of payment, and adopted by investors adept at alternative investments, bitcoin has seen other spectacular rises and equally vertiginous tumbles.

During its previous peak in 2017, the rise of the time mainly concerned retail investors. In 2020, investment funds and large banks are now interested in cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin has also benefited in recent weeks from the wave of purchases in all markets, caused by the economic stimulus measures put in place by central banks to counter the Covid-19 pandemic. The flagship index of the New York Stock Exchange, the Dow Jones Industrial Average, exceeded 30,000 points last Tuesday for the first time in its existence before retreating, while the Nasdaq and the S&P had reached records this Friday.

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