Russia Claims 92% Efficacy for its Anti-Covid-19 Vaccine

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A dose of the Sputnik V vaccine being tested

The creators of the Russian Covid-19 vaccine, Sputnik-V, assured Wednesday that the research will be published shortly in a major medical journal 

The creator of a Russian vaccine against Covid-19 assured Wednesday that it was 92% effective, a few days after the announcement of the development by the American Pfizer and the German BioNTech of a product of a 90% efficiency.

Like its competitors, it was in a press release that the Russian Sovereign Fund (RDIF) and the Gamaleïa research institute praised the effectiveness of the Sputnik-V vaccine, currently in phase 3 of double-blind randomized clinical trials – an experimental approach used in several disciplines – with 40,000 volunteers.

RDIF promises to provide all efficacy data

“The statistical analysis of 20 confirmed cases of the new coronavirus, cases divided between vaccinated people and those who received the placebo, indicates an efficacy rate of 92% for the Sputnik-V vaccine after a second dose”, according to this document.

While Russia has so far been stingy on the scientific documentation of this vaccine touted by President Vladimir Putin, the creators of Sputnik-V assured Wednesday that the research will be published shortly “in one of the main medical journals in the world. world and peer reviewed ”. The RDIF also assured that it would provide all the necessary data to the national regulators of the countries wishing to acquire the Sputnik-V.

It is a “viral vector” vaccine using as a vector in two injections two adenoviruses (very common viruses, responsible in particular for colds), transformed to add part of the one responsible for Covid-19.

Fierce competition

When the modified adenovirus enters the cells of vaccinated people, the latter will produce a protein typical of Sars-Cov-2, thus teaching their immune system to recognize and fight it, according to the Gamaleïa Institute. Competition is raging to develop a vaccine for the virus responsible for the pandemic that has paralyzed entire countries since the start of the year.

Russia is determined to take the lead and had announced in August, even before large-scale clinical trials, the effectiveness of Sputnik-V, raising doubts within the international scientific community.

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