Nemeio: This Fully Customisable Keyboard is a Hit on Kickstarter

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Nemeio, a fully customisable keyboard is a hit on Kickstarter

CROWDFUNDING: The customisable keyboard project Nemeio imagined by the French group LDLC reached its objective on Kickstarter in less than 24 hours

Board games and protective masks are not the only ones to meet with great success on the Kickstarter crowdfunding platform and the new Nemeio keyboard is proof of this. Designed by the French group LDLC, this keyboard has the particularity of being fully customizable. A concept that has already convinced more than 240 contributors in just 24 hours on Kickstarter.

The particularity of the keyboard is based on its extensive customization. It is thus possible to modify all the keys of the object according to its language and its alphabet, but also to add symbols and to configure keyboard shortcuts.

All this can appear directly on the 81 backlit keys of the keyboard since it is based on e-ink display technology, electronic ink. The user can therefore truly modify the symbols displayed on his keyboard. It will suffice for him to go through a dedicated application to customize all the keys of the Nemeio. With an autonomy of about twenty hours, the user can take his keyboard everywhere with him and use it with any device via a wired or Bluetooth connection .


The goal of the crowdfunding campaign was 17,000 euros. An amount reached from the first day of the campaign launch. At the time of writing, the prize pool exceeded 47,000 euros in crowdfunding. By taking part in the campaign, contributors will be able to acquire the Nemeio keyboard at a preferential price, which will not be negligible. When it becomes available to the general public, the keyboard will be offered at a hefty price of 399 dollars, or about 340 euros, which is still expensive for a keyboard.

The first deliveries are expected in September 2021. Public marketing should follow, giving you plenty of time to save if the concept has appealed to you.

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