Mercedes A Class: More Power for the Base Diesel.

The Mercedes A Class gets a different diesel engine for its base model

AUTO: Mercedes is replacing the original Renault 1.5 diesel engine in its A Class 180 d with a “house” 2.0 unit which gives it more power.

Following the end of the partnership between Renault and Mercedes, the 1.5 diesel engine that is fitted to the ‘Mercedes A Class 180 d’ is being withdrawn in favour of a 2-litre already seen in several models (Class A, B, GLB, etc.) 200 and 220 d.

Deflated to 115 hp for the occasion, this diesel unit announces a torque of 300 Nm and takes the A180 d automatic from 0 to 100 km/h in 9.5 seconds, or in one second better than the old engine developed with Renault. It obviously meets recent Euro 6d standards.

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