Coronavirus: Phew, Santa Claus Will Have His Certificate, Assures the Italian Prime Minister

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Santa Claus, when we did not yet know what the coronavirus was

LARGE DISTRIBUTION: Santa Claus will travel masked and will respect the sanitary distances, so it is not yet this year that we will be able to see him.

On the front line in the face of the coronavirus too, Santa Claus is not affected by confinement. He wears a mask and can travel around the world with a travel certificate, the Italian Prime Minister said on Facebook on Thursday to reassure the children of his country on the holding of the end of the year celebrations. ”  Santa Claus guaranteed me that he already has an international travel certificate: he can travel anywhere and distribute gifts to all children in the world,” wrote Giuseppe Conte in response to a five-year-old boy named Tommaso, who had sent him a letter asking him not to confine “Babbo Natale”.

“He confirmed to me that he always uses the mask and maintains the right distance to protect himself and everyone he meets,” he added. He then invited the boy to place under the tree, in addition to hot milk and cookies, a bottle of disinfectant gel.

“Asking Santa Claus to drive away the coronavirus”

“I am telling you that it will not be necessary to specify in your letter to Santa Claus that you have been good, because I have already told him”, continued the head of the Italian government. And to conclude: “I also learned that you wanted to ask Santa Claus to drive away the coronavirus. Don’t forget to ask for another gift.”

Italy, the first country in Europe struck in the spring by the novel coronavirus pandemic, has been facing a second virulent wave for a few weeks and has just exceeded one million cases. National and local restrictions on mobility and work have been taken, depending on the gravity of the situation from one region to another, but a growing number of doctors and politicians are calling for stronger measures or even total re-containment. Whatever the evolution of the pandemic in the coming weeks, the Minister of Regional Affairs, Francesco Boccia, said Thursday that Christmas would be celebrated between members of the “tight family nucleus”.

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