Coronavirus: Jean Castex Closes the Door to the Immediate Reopening of “Non-Essential” Shops

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Jean Castex closes the door to the immediate reopening of "non-essential" shops during coronavirus confinement

COMMERCE: As a measure of fairness during the confinement, supermarkets will have to close non-essential shelves from Tuesday 

Via Twitter, he had ” made an appointment this evening at 8pm. on TF1″. After Emmanuel Macron, Wednesday evening, Prime Minister  Jean Castex came to speak live to French women and men on television.

During this interview, the head of government announced that he did not intend to allow “non-essential” businesses targeted by an administrative closure to reopen immediately: “We will not go back on the measures announced, it is much too early”. The Prime Minister has promised to review the point “in two weeks” to see if a change is possible. As a measure of fairness, he also announced that supermarkets will have to close non-essential shelves from Tuesday.

Slingshot among traders

“I say to these traders and to all the others, the better you will respect the rules today to all our fellow citizens, the better you will respect all these health safety instructions, the faster we can get out,” he added.

This intervention by Jean Castex comes at a time when the re-containment has forced many businesses to lower the curtain. A measure that meets strong opposition from traders – in Lille, a bookseller decided to open despite the prefectural decree; in the Haut-Rhin, a shopkeeper started a hunger strike and wears “mourning for her shop” – but also among many elected officials, such as the mayor of Faches-Tumesnil, near Lille, has published a municipal decree authorizing the businesses in its city to remain open, that of Bourg-en-Bresse has taken one to close the “non-essential” departments of supermarkets.

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