Coronavirus in Hauts-de-France: The Health Situation is Improving, but Intensive Care Services Remain Congested

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Illustration of a Covid-19 intervention at the Lille University Hospital, in April 2020.

HEALTH: The Regional Health Agency in Hauts-de-France decides to gradually reschedule medical interventions in hospitals due to the Coronavirus epidemic

The epidemiological and health situation is improving a little. So much so that the Hauts-de-France Regional Health Agency (ARS) announces “the gradual reprogramming of interventions” in hospitals. But if the coronavirus circulates less, the resuscitation services are still close to saturation.

First observation: the incidence rate which measures the circulation of the virus has been halved during the last fifteen days in the region. It even went from 816 (per 100,000 inhabitants) on October 31 to 320 on November 15, in the North, the most affected department.

84% occupancy rate of intensive care beds

On the other hand, the number of patients admitted to intensive care remains stable “at a high level and close to those recorded at the height of the first wave”. As of Wednesday, it reached 512 people.

“About 800 intensive care beds are currently open in the region, against 460 beds outside the health crisis, with an overall occupancy rate of around 84% of beds open, and 150% compared to the initial capacity”, indicates the ‘ARS.

Deprogramming rate between 50 and 60%

This deployment of additional and necessary resuscitation beds was made possible thanks to the gradual deprogramming of interventions, since mid-October, in the public and private sectors. “The average deprogramming rate in the region is estimated today between 50 and 60%”, reports the ARS.

The health authority therefore asked “to initiate a gradual disarmament of the resuscitation beds opened recently, to the tune of around 50 fewer beds per week at the regional level, to reach around 600 resuscitation beds available in mid-December”. Hoping that a new rebound in the epidemic does not thwart the plans.

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