Coronavirus in Brittany: The Number of Deaths has Doubled in a Few Days in Hospitals

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The amount of coronavirus deaths in Brittany double

EPIDEMIC: More than 3,700 new positive cases for Covid-19 have been recorded in Brittany

The authorities feared her. It is surging. France is currently undergoing the second wave of the coronavirus epidemic . So far relatively spared by the virus, Brittany has also seen the signals turn red in recent days. The Regional Health Agency has just informed the press that 19 people had died of Covid-19 in hospitals in the region in the past seventy-two hours. This is twice as much as over the same period last week. This brings the death toll in establishments in the region to 359. Sunday, Public Health France had recorded 231 deaths in twenty-four hours, bringing the total number of deaths to 37,000 since the start of the epidemic, including 11,000 in the Ephad.

This acceleration in the number of deaths is accompanied by an increase in the number of hospitalizations: around a hundred new patients have been admitted, including around fifteen in intensive care. In three days, Brittany saw 3,700 new positive cases be recorded with an incidence rate of 191 cases per 100,000 inhabitants.

New medical evacuations planned

Behind these figures hides a disturbing reality. While France has been reconfined since Friday, hospitals in the region may see the number of patients pouring in in the coming days. The reception capacity of Breton establishments does not seem to have been compromised for the time being. Several medical evacuations from Occitania have already taken place in recent days. According to France 3, other patients from Corsica could be accommodated in the region.

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