Coronavirus: 60% of French Oppose Vaccination Made Mandatory, According to a Survey

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Despite the announcement of a vaccine that is 90% effective against the coronavirus, the French remain suspicious.

EPIDEMIC: One in two French people intend to be vaccinated against the coronavirus Covid-19

The French are wary of a vaccine against the coronavirus. According to a survey carried out by Odoxa for franceinfo and  Le Figaro, published Thursday, 50% of French people say they intend to be inoculated with the vaccine if it is soon widely deployed in the territory. 60% of those questioned oppose its being made compulsory.

Recently, the companies Pfizer (United States) and BioNTech (Germany) declared that their vaccine in the phase 3 trial was 90% “effective” in preventing Covid-19 infections. An announcement received with great caution, even skepticism. Indeed, only 17% of French people think it means that we will be able to defeat the virus in the next 6 or 9 months, reports the study. Furthermore, 49% consider that this information is still “too recent and fragile” to deduce anything from it.

A more global mistrust

According to Odoxa, mistrust of the future anti-Covid vaccine, in particular, can be explained at least in part by growing mistrust of vaccines in general. Only 53% of French people today trust their doctor when prescribing a vaccine, while 31% first get information from another source before accepting the injection. 15% systematically refuse any type of vaccine. One in six French people is an “  anti-vaccine  ”.

Odoxa also notes that the concern of the French about the coronavirus has risen sharply since last September, since 85% of those polled say they are worried about the country’s health situation, or 6 points more.

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