Coronavirus: 396 Patients Have Died Since Yesterday, 12,400 New Cases Confirmed in 24 Hours

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396 patients have died since yesterday, 12,400 new coronavirus cases confirmed in 24 hours

EPIDEMIC: Update this Friday related to the Coronavirus Covid-19 epidemic in France

12,459 new cases of coronavirus were detected in France in 24 hours (10,920 cases confirmed by RT-PCR and 1,539 cases confirmed by antigen test), according to the latest report from Public Health France. 

Since the start of the coronavirus epidemic, 51,914 deaths have been recorded, including 396 in the last 24 hours in hospitals across France.  The test positivity rate continued to drop to 11.7%.

The peak of deaths in France was reached on November 7th, it is lower than in the spring, announces INSEE

A peak in mortality was reached in France on November 7th with 2,281 deaths occurring that day, a number however lower than the previous peak observed in April during the first wave of the coronavirus epidemic, according to figures released this Friday by the ‘Insee.

“The acceleration of daily deaths since mid-October is very clear,” underlines INSEE in this weekly publication. Thus, during the first half of October, the number of daily deaths amounted to 1,730 on average (or 7% more than in October 2019). During the second half of the year, it was 1,980 (or 21% more than in 2019 and 14% compared to the first half of October 2020). This peak is, however, lower than that reached during the first epidemic wave, on April 1, with 2,810 deaths.

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