Snapchat: A New Feature to Help you Choose your Wine and Food More Easily

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The Snapchat application now helps you choose wine and food

APPLICATION: The app, Snapchat has teamed up with Yuka and Vivino to enable its users to get food and wine information by scanning them

Snapchat announced Thursday that it has added features to its app that provide “new ways to eat and consume using the camera.” The social network has teamed up with Yuka and Vivino, tools that respectively obtain information on food and wine by scanning them. These are now integrated into Snapchat, the company said on its blog.

It is therefore now possible to use Snapchat to photograph products and obtain data and ratings so far only available on Vivino or Yuka. All you have to do is take pictures of wine bottle labels or food packaging. Twelve million different wines are listed on Vivino. Snapchat users also have access to the ratings and characteristics of each wine.

Food too

Thanks to the deal with Yuka, everyone can also learn more about no less than a million processed foods sold in supermarkets. Consumers are notably informed about the quality of the ingredients, the organic status of the product, its nutritional qualities and the presence of additives.

By multiplying the functions accessible via the camera, Snapchat intends to provide “a starting point to help Snapchatters express themselves and learn.” The company also writes that it wants to “make everyday activities like cooking and shopping or opening a bottle of wine more fun and informative”.

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