“Reconfinement on October 26th”: Where Does the Rumour Come From?

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"Reconfinement on October 26": where does the rumour come from?

A message posted on social networks ignited the powder. While some are wondering about a possible reconfinement, we should not believe everything we see happening.

An endless epidemic. The second wave of the Covid-19 coronavirus has arrived in France, it is now a certainty. The number of new infections is increasing daily and hospitalizations are on the rise, as are the number of deaths linked to the virus. The restrictions are again relevant with the implementation of the curfew on Saturday 17th October in one region and eight metropolises. Jean Castex announced this Thursday 22nd October that 38 new departments would in turn be subject to a curfew from Friday 23rd October at midnight.

Rumor of October 26th: it all started with a tweet

For many, these new restrictions are the prelude to reconfinement. The government has repeated on several occasions that it seeks to avoid it at all costs, because the consequences would be too great on the economy. However, social networks have been on fire in recent days, with some claiming that a reconfinement would be planned as of Monday 26th October. Where does this noise that has spread like wildfire on social networks come from? Should we pay attention to it?

A reconfinement on October 26th? It all started with a tweet posted on social networks by journalist Christine Kelly, who works for the CNews channel, on October 17th. “Why, in order to prepare, internal emails to large companies announce a lockdown on October 26th? Preparation? Is the curfew only a prelude?” It did not take more for some to share these questions, being much more affirmative … However, in this message, the journalist does not cite any source, except “internal emails”, without even naming the “big ones. companies in question “. Info or intox ?

Unreliable messages

Except Christine Kelly and a few anonymous internet users, no media mentions reconfinement for October 26th. As Liberation explains, the rumour actually comes – before Twitter – from screenshots shared on WhatsApp by some French people, which evoke emails sent to “the GDF company” or to the “Peugeot group”. To the daily, the two companies cited denied having received or transmitted to their employees such indications. The screenshots shared on social networks, not sourced and unreliable, therefore have no legitimacy. Especially since a reconfinement in a few days would be very unlikely.

Too early for a reconfinement

The government hopes to be able to escape reconfinement. Complicated to make the French accept, economically dangerous, this measure could only be the last to face a second wave. If the rumours of reconfinement are numerous, the date of October 26th seems in any case implausible while Jean Castex has just announced the extension of the curfew to 38 new departments. If the re-containment option is on the government’s table, the government will wait to see the effects of the curfew before making such a decision. However, this measure will only show its effectiveness in two to three weeks at the earliest, ie in the middle of November.

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