Coronavirus: Two Thirds of French People Approve the New Confinement, it is Less Than in March

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According to a survey, confinement is only approved by 67% of French people.

EPIDEMIC: They are only 42% to trust the government to manage the coronavirus crisis, according to an Elabe poll

Only 67% of French people approve of the confinement announced by the executive until December 1, according to an Elabe poll published on Friday. A figure far behind that noted during the first confinement last March: 93%. Three quarters (75%) of those questioned believe that France is not ready for the second wave of the epidemic of the new coronavirus.

People 65 and over are the most convinced (76%) by this new confinement and the percentage drops with the age of those questioned until it drops to 52% for 18-24-year-olds, according to this survey carried out for BFMTV. Supporters of La France insoumise (55%) and the National Rally (59%) are those who least approve of these new restrictions.

Only 42% trust the government to manage the crisis

Regarding the details of the measures, only 49% of those questioned are in favour of closing non-essential businesses, but 68% approve the ban on travel between regions and 64% are in favour of keeping it open. schools, even if this proportion is lower among parents (60%).

Only 42% of French people now trust the government to manage the health crisis, a proportion significantly lower than it was in March (59%). Employees (37%) and workers (36%) are the most sceptical. About 53% of those questioned believe that President Emmanuel Macron and the government “do not make the right decisions and do not apply them at the right time”, while 47% think that they “adapt as best as possible according to the evolution of the situation and of knowledge about the virus ”.


Survey carried out after Emmanuel Macron’s speech on October 28 and 29 with a sample of 1,004 people aged 18 and over, representative of the French population according to the quota method.

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