Does the Mask Protect Against the Transmission of the Coronavirus?

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Does the Mask Protect Against the Transmission of the Coronavirus? 1

Does the mask protect against the transmission of the Coronavirus? Without danger or object of “massive regression” towards a more primitive state

Since Karine Lacombe and the few members of stop postillon have called for the wearing of a mask everywhere and for all and that the obligation to wear a mask is staining oil in France, it is prudent, if we do not want not to be called a conspirator to sanctify this one.

But is it just belief, politically motivated propaganda, or fact-based science?

The belief in the effectiveness of the mask is not based on any scientific evidence

In March and April 2020, at the height of contaminations and real patients, the government of Édouard Philippe explained successively that the masks were useless for the general population, then that they could not be effective, because the French did not know do not put them on or take them off correctly. Doctors spoke of “urban legend”, the same people who today want to graft a brain to colleagues who dare to ask questions and possibly criticise this compulsory wearing, everywhere and at almost any age.

Epidemic over, mask required! LOGIC!

And now that the epidemic (1) is over, that the patients no longer die and have become positive “cases” thanks to a technique which identifies the remains of non-contaminating dead viruses, the head of state called for carry :

“Put on masks, put on masks … even outdoors, even when you have a good distance, it is more careful … even young people who often have mild forms, or asymptomatic who consider that it is not serious and that ‘they can take risks. Simply when they take these risks, they accelerate the spread of the virus ”! And his government proclaims a blanket obligation by claiming that it is effective. Who are we to believe? The government of March-April or that of August-September (especially since they are the same characters, apart from the resplendent spokesperson)?

And on what scientific elements do they base their fluctuating creeds?

Asked by the Parisian, Dr Clémentine Denis, French doctor based in Tampere specifies: “the mask, if used correctly, prevents a carrier of the virus from contaminating others by spraying in the air (2). It does not necessarily protect healthy people who would wear it and can, paradoxically, be more at risk of contamination if misused ”.

A very complete study carried out by F Pesty (3) which sums up all the articles published on the subject and in particular the recent macroanalyses concluded, such as C. Del Mar and P. Glasziou, co-authors of the latest Cochrane 2020 review on the subject: “the urgency is to be verified in rigorous clinical trials that the masks worn by people supposed to be infected, really make it possible to avoid the propagation of the respiratory viral infection. Only in this case, wearing a mask would be a good alternative or a useful addition to other measures, social distancing, hand washing, confinement. ”

This conclusion agrees with that of Anders Tegnell, the epidemiologist who implemented the Swedish strategy “it has not been proven that the generalisation of its port in society has an effect on the spread of the virus. “I can’t wait for [this proof] to come.” ”  It is very dangerous to believe that wearing a mask can change the course of the COVID-19 epidemic  (4)”

Let us return to the facts established and published by the WHO (5)

There is no reliable randomised study on the usefulness of wearing the mask generalised to an entire population. It is therefore necessary to analyse the observed facts and in particular the recent evolution of contaminations according to the health policy concerning the wearing of the mask in the various countries as published in the WHO databases.

When we analyse recent data from the WHO, we see that the police obligation to wear a mask as imposed in France, Spain and Italy is accompanied by an upsurge in contamination while in Sweden, -Lower and Belarus countries without mask obligation, the situation has stabilized.

According to figures published by the WHO (6), Spain, which imposes the mask more severely than France, is exposed to an even greater increase in cases (7) with a weekly incidence of 857 / M (40,087 new cases for 46M inhabitants) against 701 / M in France (43686 for 65M), and 157 / M in Italy.

The countries which do not impose the wearing of a mask, but issue simple recommendations, trust their population and do not lie to them, have recorded in recent weeks much less contamination: 246 cases / M in the Netherlands (4227 for 17M), 79 / M in Sweden (802 for 10M) and 120 / M in Belarus. (1140 for 9.5M).

Coronavirus Covid-19 deaths across Europe
Coronavirus Covid-19 deaths across Europe

The proven facts therefore strongly question the health interest of the generalised obligation of masks, even raising fears of an unforeseen perverse effect, the mask possibly increasing contamination.

The unnecessary mask in children is dangerous and can even kill

Professor G. Desuter, laryngologist at the Saint-Luc University Clinics (Brussels), warned against the harmful effects of permanent masks worn by teachers (8).

“Producing a voice costs us in terms of energy… This is all the more true of the voice professional who has to project this same voice for long hours, often in noise and having to capture attention. of an audience by intonation. The effort is intense, and undermines – in normal times already – the vocal physiology of the teacher, but also of the lawyer, the journalist, the tribune, the actor of the market gardener, etc. Projecting the voice is an art, a profession in itself. ”

To wear the voice with a mask in front of the mouth throughout the day is physiological heresy.

A physiological heresy

In addition to professional fatigue of almost immediate installation, he will be at high risk of traumatic lesions of the vocal cords. Indeed, the respiratory deficit will respond to an attempt at compensation – quite illusory – by a laryngeal forcing creating haemorrhages, polyps and nodules. These lesions make it dysphoric and sometimes even aphonic ”.

WHO recommendations

A document called “Advice on wearing a mask in the context of COVID-19” published by the World Health Organisation (9) specifies: “in the general public, the wearing of a mask by people in good health can in particular have the following disadvantages:

Potentially increased risk of self-contamination due to handling a face mask and then touching eyes with contaminated hands, possible self-contamination if a wet or dirty non-medical mask is not replaced, thereby promoting the proliferation of microorganisms;

headache and / or breathing difficulties possible depending on the type of mask used; facial skin lesions, irritative dermatitis or worsening acne with frequent and prolonged wearing of the mask; difficulty communicating clearly; possible feeling of discomfort; false sense of security that can lead to less scrupulous compliance with proven preventive measures such as physical distancing and hand hygiene; wearing the mask poorly supported, especially by young children; problems related to waste management; the illegal disposal of masks can lead to an increase in the volume of waste in public places, presenting a risk of contamination of street cleaners and risks for the environment;

difficulties in communicating in cases of deafness and lip-reading addiction; disadvantages and difficulties associated with wearing a mask experienced by children, people with mental disorders or developmental disabilities, the elderly with cognitive impairments, asthmatics or people with chronic respiratory conditions, people with recent facial trauma or oral or maxillofacial surgery, as well as those who live in a hot and humid environment. ”

“It is the WHO which writes it and not the basic conspirator….”

Accidents are no longer exceptional

On April 23, 2020, a New Jersey driver crashed into a telephone pole after passing out and wearing an N95 mask for hours (10). Lincoln Park Police believe the driver was unconscious while driving Thursday due to lack of oxygen and excessive carbon dioxide breathing from the mask, the department wrote on Facebook. The driver was taken to a local hospital for non-life threatening injuries.

In frail people (elderly, respiratory failure, asthmatics, the risks are increased and this is why these conditions represent recognized contraindications to wearing a mask. A recent tragedy in Germany has just reminded us that refusing to take account of a medical certificate can have dramatic consequences. (11)

A 13-year-old German girl, asthmatic, took the school bus like every day. Unfortunately, the driver refused to take into account her medical certificate stating that wearing a mask was contraindicated in her home and forced her to put one on. During transport, she exhibited signs of asphyxiation followed by cardiac arrest (12). The emergency ambush did not save her. Imagine the state of the family, of the managers of the driver but also of the driver himself.

This is all the sadder since wearing a mask has no medical justification at this age, because the child does not transmit the coronavirus, and when he is infected (by a close adult), he only suffers of benign forms. (13) (14)

And after less than a month of this abuse of children and adolescents (adults too, but they should be able to defend themselves), consultations with general practitioners are increasing.

Michel Dogna (15) in his newsletter summarises the reasons for consultation: “general practitioners who raise the alarm on the fact that 25% of pathologies currently encountered in the office are the consequences due to wearing a mask.

Here is a non-exhaustive list :

  • Severe bronchitis
  • Severe conjunctivitis (cause expirations rejected upwards)
  • Furonculoses
  • Great fatigue
  • Herpes labialis
  • Impetus
  • Staphylococcal disease on the lips and cheeks
  • Streptococci

Not to mention skin allergies due to the rubbing of the mask and irritation to the ears due to the rubber bands ”.

Not adding by recalling that unfortunately it is 38 to 40 degrees outside and in the classes and that the teachers terrorised by their direction, itself under pressure from the rector, and / or by the virus however well softened, do not dare not release the children. Let’s hope all the same that sometimes common sense reigns and that we only hear about multiple and varied delusions and accidents.

He continues: The risks facing the continual wearing of the mask announced by non-submissive doctors

“The bacteria that stick to the masks turn into fungi.

There are 3000 bacteria per square centimeter on a hand.

Wearing a mask makes you sick. In a few weeks, you will hyperventilate, you will cough and have a sore throat, you will have enormous bronchial problems because you will develop an internal fungus due to the breathing of mold, fungi and bacteria.

Here is how they will create the promised second Covid 19 wave; they’ll pretend it’s a new respiratory epidemic. It makes sense that if everyone wears a mask, a new wave will come; but it will not be because of an influenza virus, but of a bacteriological infection of the bronchi due to constant breathing in a cesspool of a “toilet bowl”. ”

We must also insist on the harmful consequences of the permanent mask on behavior.

According to psychologist Patrick Fagan (16) “Masks make people stupid, and reduce humanist moral barriers.

“Masks can now be added to the list of obligations that make you stupid. […] Here are the facts that explain why you absolutely, categorically should not wear a mask. They make you easily influenced; they make you more likely to follow someone else’s directions and do things you wouldn’t do otherwise. In short, they rob you of your executive function – your conscience. ”

Just one example, but this paper needs to be read and thought about: “Miller and Rowold (1979) presented a bowl of chocolates to Halloween attendees and told them they were only allowed two each. . When children thought they weren’t being watched, they served themselves. Children without a mask broke the rule, taking more chocolates, 37% of unmasked children, compared to 62% of masked children. The authors concluded that the masks “lead to decreased behavioral inhibitions”. […] ”(17)

“Castle (1986) wrote that 18th-century masquerades allowed mask-wearers to release their repressed hedonistic and sexual impulses; and Caillois (1962) similarly wrote of European masked carnivals involving libidinal activities, including “indecency, pushing, provocative laughter, exposed breasts, buffoonery imitations, permanent incitement to riot , the feasts and the excess of words, noise and movement ”.

In the 12th century, Pope Innocent III banned masks as part of his fight against immorality; and in 1845, New York State made it illegal for more than two people to wear masks in public after farmers wore masks to attack their owners. (18) ”MORALITY, if you want to save your own chocolates, hide your children, but if you want faithful husbands, don’t hide them. Joking aside, we do not know if our doctors stop postillions or others are aware of the neurophysiological consequences, like psychiatric ones of the permanent wearing of the mask, but we invite them to delve into neuro-imagery before assenting their peremptory opinions of pseudo – scholars on TV channels and radios.

“The best is the enemy of good, and the devil is in the details, but is the mask a detail?”

[1] An epidemic is the extension of a disease with an increase in the number of patients who have clinical signs, who suffer, who require treatment and whose life is threatened by the disease which is no longer the case since more than 3 months 
[2] It should be remembered that contamination by spraying in the air is only a hypothesis evoked on laboratory data and that it has not been found in epidemiological studies in the real world. 
[3] F Pesty for France in the evening Covid Chronicle N ° 11 - “Put on the masks: an effectiveness too uncertain” 
Published on 07/21/2020 -bas-the-masks-too-uncertain-effectiveness
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[11]   Recall that each medicine registered with the order is entitled to draw up a certificate of contraindication if he thinks it necessary in his patient. Doctors who refuse also take responsibility for their patient if something happens to them. Protecting yourself on all sides is not that simple and order is not all-powerful. 
[12]Tragisch: Starb Schülerin in Deutschland wegen Masken-Pflicht? 
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[18] “ From a neuroimaging perspective, masks are known to inhibit identity and impulse control - both associated with executive function in the prefrontal cortex (e.g., Glannon, 2005; Tacikowski, Berger & Ehrsson, 2017). In other words, the masks silence the Jiminy Cricket in the brain ”

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