Coronavirus in Nantes: Nine Positive Medical Students, 500 Students Tested on Monday

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Coronavirus in Nantes University, Students infected

EPIDEMIC: The students had done integration evenings from August 24th to 27th in bars in Nantes

  • The regional health agency of Pays de la Loire announced this Friday afternoon that nine medical students from the University of Nantes had been tested for the coronavirus.
  • These students had made an integration rally from August 24 to 27 in bars in Nantes.
  • A screening for the students of the two promotions concerned will take place Monday at the faculty.

Nine students, who are in second and third years of the Nantes Faculty of Medicine, have tested positive for Covid-19, we learned, this Friday afternoon, during a press conference of the ARS of Pays-de-la-Loire. “There are nine positive cases out of a hundred students concerned by integration evenings which took place between August 24 and 27 in bars in Nantes”, explained  Jean-Jacques Coiplet , director general of the Agency. regional health.

Who took the opportunity to remind: “The need to party is legitimate, but it must be accompanied by precautions. These kinds of events [integration weekend] are times of risk. We still have to work to get the right messages across on barrier gestures. “

Classes are not interrupted at the Faculty of Medicine

Also, the ARS decided, in conjunction with the University of Nantes, to screen for Monday. “It will be intended for all of the two promotions,” specifies Jean-Jacques Coiplet. Which represents 500 people. The screening will be done “near the university”, on “a site set up specifically for that”.

The director-general of the Regional Health Agency also indicated that the courses at the faculty of medicine will not be interrupted. Only the hundred or so students concerned by the integration evenings will have to stay in the fortnight. Distance education will be set up for them. “We recommend to third-year students, concerned by the festive gathering, not to do an internship in a hospital environment for fourteen days. 

As a reminder, the resumption of health measures at the university requires the wearing of a mask for all students and an empty seat between each student.

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