Saint-Nazaire: The Wearing of the Mask Soon Compulsory in Certain Streets?

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Wearing a mask could be extended to certain gathering places such as the multimodal transport hub of Saint-Nazaire

The mayor of Saint-Nazaire David Samzun asked the Prefect to make it compulsory to wear a mask in several gathering places in the city and in the streets of the city centre

The wearing of masks soon to be compulsory in some streets of Saint-Nazaire (Loire-Atlantique)? In any case, this is the wish of Mayor David Samzun. The latter made a request to the Prefect to extend the obligation to wear a mask in several meeting places .

The following would be affected: the multimodal transport hub at Place Sémard and rue du Commandant L’Herminier; rue Jean-Jaurès from boulevard Victor-Hugo au Paquebot; the market square on market days; avenue de la République from rue Jean-Jaurès to avenue de Gaulle; rue de la Paix du Paquebot with the Blue Ribbon included; rue du Commandant Charcot in the Saint-Marc district.

In the open-air markets

The mask could become compulsory on all open-air markets (Saint-Marc, Bouletterie, Pertuishaud), including night markets and flea markets and garage sales.

Regarding the seafront, the mayor of Saint-Nazaire, who has approached the towns of Pornichet and La Baule to benefit from their feedback, does not want the wearing of a mask to be made compulsory there.

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Wearing a mask will be made compulsory in the places mentioned as soon as the prefectural decree requested by the mayor of Saint-Nazaire is published. Failure to comply with these obligations exposes offenders to a fine of € 135, and in the event of a repeat offence within 15 days, to a fine of € 1,500. It is also recommended to wear a mask in less frequented places, not concerned by this obligation.

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