Covid-19: In Bordeaux, Wearing a Mask is Compulsory Outside in Two Streets of the City

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Wearing a mask becomes compulsory in two streets of the city of Bordeaux

From this Saturday 15th August 2020, wearing a mask will be compulsory outdoors in Bordeaux (Gironde), in the two busiest axes of the city.

During a press conference, this Wednesday 12th August 2020, in the presence of Pierre Hurmic, Hélène Junqua deputy director of the Regional Health Agency of Nouvelle-Aquitaine and the deputy prefect Martin Guespereau, the Mayor of Bordeaux announced the obligation to wear a mask, from this Saturday 15th August, in the two busiest streets of the city: rue Sainte-Catherine and rue Porte-Dijeaux.

A concerted decision between the prefecture, the town hall and the ARS.

Interviewed in the TF1 1 p.m. newspaper, the Bordelais edile says he wants to be more educational than repressive, this Saturday. ”  But from next weekend we will move on to the repressive phase,” he said.

Offenders will be subject to a fine of 135 euros.

A controlled but worrying situation

The ARS for its part evokes a “controlled but worrying situation”, in view of the new cases of contamination in the region.

In its update of Tuesday 11th August 2020, the health authority informed about the presence of twelve epidemic outbreaks of Covid-19 (coronavirus) in the region, against seven outbreaks during the last point made on August 7th.

Two clusters are located in Bordeaux (Gironde), one following a private event, the other in an Ehpad in which twenty-one people are affected.

57 people are currently hospitalized in the region.

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