Coronavirus in Toulouse: A Swimming Pool Closed after a Second Case of Covid-19 in a few days

Local News
The Nakache swimming pool in Toulouse is closed to the public until further notice due to coronavirus

EPIDEMIC: The Nakache swimming pool in Toulouse is closed to the public until further notice after the second case of Coronavirus

A new cluster in Toulouse? It is still too early to tell. But in the meantime, the town hall of the Pink City has decided to close  the Nakache swimming pool after the second case of Covid-19 in a few days. On Saturday, several hundred people were evacuated from the establishment in the early afternoon after the first case of coronavirus among lifeguards.

According to the town hall of Toulouse, a second case was revealed “among the team belonging to the equipment”, while the swimming pool was to reopen on Monday. All the contact cases of the second person who tested positive are being identified for transmission to the ARS (regional health agency). The disinfection of the site has already been carried out. For now, the facility is closed until further notice, but authorities are already working on a plan to reopen safely in the coming days.

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