Coronavirus in Pays de la Loire: The Number of Positive Cases Increases Sharply (But Not Hospitalisations)

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More positive coronavirus cases in Pays de la Loire

COVID-19 EPIDEMIC: Hospitalised coronavirus patients remain, for the time being, few in the Pays de la Loire region

  • A thousand additional positive cases are identified in Pays de la Loire in one week, according to the ARS.
  • An increase which can be explained by screening campaigns but also by an increase in the circulation of the virus.
  • It is in Sarthe that the situation remains the most worrying.

Some 5,474 people have tested positive for the coronavirus since May 13th in the Pays de la Loire region, i.e. a thousand additional cases in a week, announced Tuesday evening the regional health agency (ARS) in its latest epidemiological bulletin. This increase can be explained by an active screening campaign (35,000 additional tests carried out in one week) but also by an increase in the circulation of the virus.

Thus, the regional incidence rate is increasing, going from 19.5 positive cases per 10,000 inhabitants to 27.8. The five departments of Pays de la Loire are affected by this increase, in particular, Sarthe which, with a rate of 72.5, remains well above the alert threshold set by the health authorities at 50 cases for 100,000 inhabitants per week. Two sectors are particularly under surveillance: the city of Sablé-sur-Sarthe and the agglomeration of Le Mans.

Mayenne, which had experienced a resurgence of the epidemic at the start of the summer, has an incidence rate of 23.3. Maine-et-Loire is at 27.7, Loire-Atlantique at 21.3, while Vendée does not exceed 7.5 cases per 100,000 inhabitants.

Eleven patients only in intensive care

Another indicator which confirms a certain expansion of the epidemic: the positivity rate of the tests carried out over the last seven days now stands at 2.8% in the region, against 2.6% last week. If it regresses in Sarthe (5.1%), it climbs in Maine-et-Loire (3.8%).

The good news, however, comes from ongoing hospitalizations. Their number is down slightly to a moderate level (99 hospitalized patients). It is the same for patients in intensive care who are now only 11 in the region. As a reminder, at the height of the health crisis, in April, the Pays-de-la-Loire region recorded up to 800 hospitalizations in progress and more than 160 patients in intensive care.

Some 489 people have died in the Covid-19 hospital in Pays de la Loire this year.

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