Coronavirus in Nantes: The University will Implement the Rule of One in Two Seats in its Lecture Halls

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In addition to wearing the mask, students and staff of the University of Nantes will have to respect the rules of social distancing

UNIVERSITY: In addition to wearing the mask, students and staff of the University of Nantes will have to respect the rules of social distancing

  • The University of Nantes announces that the reception conditions will be upset for the return of students, scheduled for the next few days.
  • Not all lessons can be done face-to-face because of the distances to be respected in the rooms and lecture halls.

There will not be enough seating for everyone. A few days before the start of the student year, the president of the University of Nantes Carine Bernault has decided on a health measure that risks complicating the resumption of classes. “In addition to the mask and hand washing, it will be necessary to respect social distancing”, announced the president, this Wednesday. Concretely, the students will have to leave at least one empty seat between them. One way of responding to a circular that will soon be published by the Ministry of Higher Education, and which would impose this minimum distance to be respected, justifies the establishment.

It is difficult to imagine how the courses will take place precisely, even if we already know that some lessons will be face-to-face for some, in distance for others. For example, for a promotion of 200 registered and if no lecture hall of 400 places is available, half of the students will attend the lecture, while the other will be able to follow it at home, thanks to a video broadcast (the cameras are installing). For the tutorials, the classrooms can be configured differently so that the distances are respected. Groups can also be split.

Four masks provided to scholarship students

“Extremely restrictive measures which will call into question the way we teach,” recognizes  Arnaud Guevel vice-president for training, who admits today that he does not have all the answers to the many questions that arise. L1s, who are new to high school diplomas, are of particular concern to us; we will have to support them by intensifying, for example, the tutoring system. (…) The objective is to favor the face-to-face, and the distance will not necessarily mean home. “

In the meantime, the university announces that it will offer four washable masks to the 12,300 registered scholarship students (an expenditure of more than 130,000 euros for the university). Wearing it will be compulsory in buildings and strongly recommended on the rest of the campus. Moreover, staff will be mobilized, in particular at Tertre, to help manage flows. University restaurants are also being reorganized in order to extend their hours and offer a take-out system.

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