Coronavirus: Mexican President Ready to Play Guinea Pig for Russian Vaccine

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Mexican president ready to play guinea pig for Russian coronavirus vaccine

VACCINATION: Mexican President Andrés Manuel Lopez Obrador will do it if “the coronavirus vaccine is effective and accessible to all” 

The Russians could well have a luxury tester. Mexican President Andrés Manuel Lopez Obrador said on Monday that he was ready to receive the vaccine against the coronavirus developed by the RussiansHowever, nothing is done yet. The Head of State in fact sets a condition: “We must know exactly what it is, guarantee that it is effective and that it is well accessible to all”.

President Lopez Obrador has indicated that Mexico will contact the Russian and Chinese authorities in the event that either of these two countries develops an effective vaccine against Coronavirus Covid-19. If so, “I will speak personally with the Chinese President and with President Putin to obtain the vaccine,” he announced. According to him, “this is such an important subject that there can be no ideology”.

Tests started very recently

Last week, President Vladimir Putin announced that a first “fairly effective” vaccine had been developed in Russia. Moscow has since clarified that it has produced the first doses. The “Sputnik V” is however viewed with scepticism by the rest of the world, the final phase of the tests having only started very recently.

Thursday, Andrés Manuel Lopez Obrador had also indicated that the vaccine on which the Anglo-Swedish laboratory AstraZeneca is working and which is to be produced in Argentina and Mexico for countries in Latin America, except Brazil, should be ready as of first quarter 2021. Mexico, a country of 120 million inhabitants, has recorded 522,162 declared cases of Covid-19, of which 56,757 have been shown to be fatal.

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