Coronavirus in Mayenne: The Health Situation Finally Seems to be Improving

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The coronavirus health situation in Mayenne is improving

HEALTH: “We confirm a downward trend in the incidence rate and the positivity rate of coronavirus” in the Mayenne explains the ARS

Finally, good news for Mayenne. The contamination figures are “on the decline”. The actions taken to impose the mask, screen and isolate are going “in the right direction,” said the Regional Health Agency on Tuesday“We confirm a downward trend in the incidence rate and the positivity rate and, with all usual reservations, we can say that our action plan (…) is going in the right direction”, specifies the ARS Pays de la Loire.

The incidence rate, “that is to say the number of positive people reported to 100,000 inhabitants”, is “around 50 per 100,000 inhabitants”, he added with a positivity rate of 1, 4%. The prefect of Mayenne, Jean-Francis Treffel, listed the various measures taken over the past month, including the wearing of the compulsory mask imposed in public places in 69 municipalities, isolation “for a fortnight of sixty people “, Or even the realization of” 41,457 tests in a little more than fifteen days “, a figure which he qualified as” exceptional “.

The response of the ARS to the president of the department

These measures aim “to avoid a reconfinement, it is necessary to mask oneself so as not to have to reconfinement”, he underlined, specifying that a local reconfinement was “a hypothesis which I exclude completely with this stage ”. The ARS is “neither alarmist nor lax”, argued Jean-Jacques Coiplet, after notably the words of the president of the departmental council of Mayenne, Olivier Richefou, who had accused Monday the regional health agency of “stigmatizing” his department by publishing “alarmist figures”.

“Mayenne is a beautiful country in which to live and where we can welcome all those who wish to join us. All the measures that have been adopted are in fact protective measures which testify that we can live in safety in our department, ”explained the prefect, Jean-Francis Treffel, for his part. No specificity specific to the department has been identified to explain the increase in the circulation of the virus at the beginning of July, they added, describing a “complex situation”, in which outbreaks were identified in particular in “companies of treatment of meat ”and in environments“ in the field of precariousness ”.

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