Coronavirus: “The Future of the Epidemic is in the Hands of Citizens”, Warns the Scientific Council

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Coronavirus: "The future of the epidemic is in the hands of citizens", warns the Scientific Council

EPIDEMIC: The Scientific Council still considers “highly probable that a second wave of the coronavirus epidemic will be observed in the fall or winter”

It is a message that he keeps hammering. “The balance is fragile and we can switch at any time” towards an uncontrolled resumption of the Coronavirus Covid-19 epidemic in France, warns the Scientific Council which guides the government on Tuesday, insisting on the importance of barrier measures.

“The future of the epidemic in the short term is largely in the hands of citizens,” warns the body in a new opinion. Beyond the situation this summer, the Scientific Council still considers “highly probable that a second epidemic wave will be observed in the fall or winter. “

An increase in the circulation of the virus

“France is in a controlled but fragile situation, with an upsurge in the circulation of the virus this summer”, writes the Scientific Council in the introduction to this opinion entitled “Prepare now to anticipate a return of the virus in the fall”. “The virus is circulating more actively, with an accentuated loss of distancing measures and barrier measures: the balance is fragile and we can switch at any time in a less controlled scenario as in Spain for example,” he continues in this document submitted to the government on July 27.

In recent weeks, the authorities have warned of a possible worsening of the situation, in the light of indicators on the rise almost three months after the end of confinement. The week of July 20 to 26, the number of new confirmed cases in France increased significantly, by 54% (5,592 in total), and the bar of 1,000 new cases per day was exceeded, noted on July 30. health agency Public Health France in its last weekly update.

An increase in cases of intensive care hospitalization per day

In addition, the number of patients with Coronavirus Covid-19 hospitalized in intensive care has increased by 13 cases since Friday (384 in total), breaking with the downward trend observed since April, according to the latest daily update from the Directorate General of Health (DGS) broadcast Monday evening.

To ward off a second epidemic wave, the Scientific Council is asking the authorities to put in place “prevention plans” focusing in particular on the largest metropolises. He also points to “delays” in the strategy of testing, tracing and isolating positive cases. He therefore recommends improving “access to screening tests”, the deadlines for which are currently too long due to strong demand.

Finally, in a second separate opinion, the Scientific Council proposes a stricter control of travellers arriving from countries “at-risk”, with tests on their departure or arrival and quarantine of 14 days.

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