Weather in Lille: Forecast for Tuesday 14th July 2020

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The weather forecast for Lille this Tuesday 14th July

WEATHER FORECAST: The sun will struggle to break through the clouds that will persist throughout the day in Lille. It is not impossible that there will be light showers. The temperatures will be 16 ° C in the morning and 17 ° C in the afternoon …

The day will unfold under a gloomy sky. The clouds remain over Lille. A light breeze from the southwest will blow. In the morning, the sun will be hidden behind clouds. The weather will be marked by rain. Temperatures will average 16 ° C. In the afternoon, possible rain showers. The highest will be 18 ° C while the lowest will be 16 ° C. We will have to be careful in the evening: light showers will occur. Temperatures will be around 17 ° C. Clear skies are forecast overnight between Tuesday and Wednesday.

Tomorrow, in Lille, clouds will dot the sky, hampering the appearance of the sun. A northwest wind will noticeably cool the atmosphere. In the morning, light drizzle will fall over the city. The values ​​will be 18 ° C. The sun would appear earlier in the afternoon if clouds were not present in the sky. Scattered rain will fall. Temperatures will range between 19 ° C and 20 ° C. Thinning is planned: we will spend a pleasant evening. It will be 17 ° C on average.

For the next few days, the weather will not change. It will be 23 ° C on average for days with rainy weather.

July 14th is today! On this national holiday that marked history,

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