United Kingdom: A Quarantine Soon Imposed on French and German Travellers?

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The United Kingdom is considering establishing a quarantine for travellers from Germany and France

While health authorities are worried about the lively circulation of Covid-19 on the continent, the United Kingdom is reflecting on the conditions of access to its territory.

After Spain , will France and Germany also have to submit to quarantine measures to access the United KingdomThis question is currently being studied by the British government with regard to the active circulation of Covid-19 on European territory.

“We have to keep an eye on the health situation, and we believe that this is what the public expects of us,” said  Helen Whately, the British Secretary of State for Health, on Monday 27th July 2020.

If we will see a rate hike in a country for which there has been no quarantine so far, we will have to take action accordingly because we don’t want to risk the coronavirus spreading again across the United Kingdom. 

A fortnight from Spain

For several days now, the health authorities have drawn up a worrying assessment of the pandemic on the European continent.

Hence the decision of the United Kingdom to establish, since Sunday, a “fortnight” (quarantine of two weeks) to travellers from Spain. Despite an explosion in the number of cases of contamination and the recent reconfinement of Catalonia, what is now the most bereaved country in Europe has yet claimed to be a “safe destination” for tourists.

In France, the latest report from the Directorate General of Health , dated Friday 24th July, thus reports 1,000 new cases of contamination per day. Therefore, “levels were comparable to those at the end of the confinement period. 

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