Forest Fires: An “Extreme” Risk in Sarthe

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Risk of Forest Fires in Sarthe

This Friday 31st July 2020, the department of Sarthe was placed at “extreme” risk concerning forest fires, the highest level of vigilance.

During this last week of July, many fires took place in Sarthe.  As for temperatures, they reached nearly 38 degrees this Friday 31st July 2020.

To this day, the department was placed under “extreme” risk for forest fires, said the prefecture.

The highest level of vigilance

This is the highest level of the index, calculated every day by Météo France, in particular from weather data , dryness of the soil , humidity in the air, wind, etc.

The greatest vigilance is therefore recommended.

The prefecture and also recalls that “open burning of green waste is prohibited everywhere”.

The situation is similar in the neighbouring department of Mayenne, which is also placed at “extreme” risk.

Reinforcements from Brittany

In Sarthe, the firefighters received reinforcements: a forest fire intervention group from Finistère arrived at the Le Mans Degré rescue centre on Friday 31st July.

In all, it is made up of several vehicles, including four firefighting machines, and about twenty firefighters.

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