He Would have Created the Virus, Planned the Vaccination … Bill Gates Sweeps Away the Conspiracy Theories Accusing him of Being at the Origin of Covid-19

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Bill Gates, head of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, January 22, 2019 at the World Economic Forum in Davos (Switzerland) - Markus Schreiber / AP / SIPA

CONSPIRACY: Since the start of the pandemic, anti-Bill Gates rumours have been spread by dozens, in many languages ​​and on various social networks

A favourite target of conspirators and other conspirators, Bill Gates is finally out of his silence. The American billionaire has swept aside conspiracy theories spread on social networks, which accuse him of being at the origin of the Covid-19 pandemic. “It’s a bad combination of the pandemic, social media, and people looking for simple explanations,” he said in an interview with CNN .

Fake news articles and doctored photos have gone viral in recent months on social media, shared in many languages. Bill Gates “created the Covid-19 “, wants “to depopulate the Earth”, “to implant microchips in the population” … False claims like these have literally exploded on the Internet. A video accusing the billionaire of wanting to “eliminate 15% of the population” under the guise of vaccinating the population, has been seen millions of times on YouTube.

“I deeply believe that the truth will be made”

Bill Gates, who calls for distributing drugs and vaccines to those in need and not to highest bidders, is accused of exploiting the crisis to “control people”, but also of a mass poisoning conspiracy by Africa. Others assure that he was arrested by the FBI for “biological terrorism”.

“I deeply believe that the truth will be done,” and those conspiracy theories foiled, explained Bill Gates. “Our foundation has given more money than any other group to buy vaccines to save lives,” hammered the billionaire, hoping that these conspiracy theories will not make the population resistant to the vaccine when it is released. point. He has allocated $ 250 million for the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic and his foundation has invested billions of dollars over the past twenty years in the development of health systems in the poorest countries.

Bill Gates is one of the favourite figures of trolls and other conspiracy theorists who offer the craziest explanations for the pandemic. Beyond Bill Gates, the pandemic has fueled conspiracy theories but also rumours and “fake news” all over the world.

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