Coronavirus: The Minister of Health “Recommends” the Wearing of a Mask Outdoors in Certain Cases

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Minister of Health Oliver Véran recommends wearing mask outdoors

HEALTH INSTRUCTIONS: The Minister of Health recalled that the viral activity of Coronavirus Covid-19 was “increasing” in the country

A time considered “contraindicated” or “ineffective”, wearing a mask outdoors would ultimately “recommended in some cases” said Wednesday the Minister of Health. Travelling in Yvelines to supervise the distribution of 50 million masks to the most modest households, Olivier Véran recalled that “viral activity was on the increase in certain parts of our country”.

More than eight million people will receive in the next ten to fifteen days a batch of six masks in their mailboxes, each washable twenty times, also indicated the minister who went to a logistics platform and another of distribution of the La Poste group.

No financial barrier

“There could not be the slightest financial obstacle to protect yourself”, he insisted, welcoming this home distribution “without any steps to be taken”. All the masks come from state stock, he also said. “The World Health Organization recognizes a serious risk of aerosol transmission of the virus,” he said to explain the need to wear a mask.

The Minister, therefore, encouraged the wearing of a mask outdoors depending on the situation: “If you are in a street where there are several people going for a walk and you are not sure you can keep the distance, I recommend it. “Not ruling out the possibility of a resurgence of the epidemic in France, even if this is not the case for the moment, the minister took, for example, Belgium or Catalonia, where,” there are ten days there was no second wave and where they are now in trouble  ”.

He concluded his remarks with a call, addressing “first of all vulnerable audiences”. “People carrying diseases, frailty and people who are elderly must limit contact” and especially “do not hesitate to wear a mask, including in outdoor spaces”. “The second call is for youth,” continued Mr Véran. “You have to be able to enjoy life and your holidays, but you also have to protect yourself and others”.

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