Coronavirus: Madonna Broadcasts “Fake News” on Covid-19 and Gets Censored

Madonna gets censored for fake news on Coronavirus Covid-19

SOCIAL MEDIA: The singer, Madonna released a video featuring one of the (many) conspiracy theories in circulation

Madonna should have done her research better before posting a video on Coronavirus Covid-19. The Material Girl has indeed just been censored by Instagram following her conspiratorial post.

In this video, as relayed by the Guardian , we see Stella Immanuel, a doctor from Houston, Texas and also a pastor, claiming to have treated 350 patients with chloroquine. In legend, Madonna added that a vaccine against the coronavirus “has been discovered, approved and has been available for several months”, but that it is not in circulation for the population so that “the rich get richer even more and that the poor get poorer ”by“ letting fear take over people ”.

Illuminati, demons and Facebook

Instagram blurred the video and added “False Information” to Madonna’s post. No vaccine to date has indeed been discovered – even if some studies seem promising – and moreover, Madonna could have been informed about the ideas disseminated by this person at the same time doctor and pastor.

The video shared by Madonna was first broadcast by Breitbart (far-right site which is not at its first fake news, as Rolling Stone already noted in 2016 and which had compiled a few ) and relayed by Donald Trump (who is also not very much on the veracity of the facts ), before it was deleted by both Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, because of disinformation on the pandemic. In addition, Stella Immanuel advances unorthodox theories (to say the least) on the causes of sexually transmitted diseases, as relayed by the Washington Post.. According to her, if a person has an STD, it is because they have had sex “in a dream with a demon or a witch”.

She also asserts that abortion, marriage for all or even children’s toys are the work of the Illuminati to destroy the world. Stella Immanuel also claimed in one of her sermons that extraterrestrial DNA is used in medicine. She also promised Facebook – a network she actively uses – divine wrath for deleting some of her posts.

Clearly, whether you are Madonna or not, it is better to inquire before broadcasting anything …

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